Irun Daneb

An ex-Czerka spy looking for the next big job.


High Concept: I, Spy
Trouble: Hunted by Czerka
1: The Droid I’m Looking For
2: Consummate Professional
3: Loyal to Her Crew (For Now)

Careful: +3
Clever: +2
Flashy: +2
Forceful: +0
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +1


Droid Friend – Once per session, Daneb can repurpose or build a small droid to aid the group in a task.

Good Cop, Bad Cop – Grants Irun a +2 when she Cleverly works with Tasha to manipulate targets in a social situation.

Fly Like Hell – Because of her history making speedy deliveries, Irun gets a +2 when flying a ship Quickly.


Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):




Height: 5’11
Weight: 158 lbs
Age: 29
Skin color: Green
Eye color: Gold
Hair color: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Geometric tattoos on her face and body, freckles

Despite her height, Daneb gives a relaxed vibe; she never stands too straight, never looms. In fact, she’ll sit or perch as often as she can, ensuring she’s as close to eye level with the people around her as possible. Staying relaxed keeps others relaxed. It’s clear she takes special care with her appearance: her hair is always kept trimmed, she rarely appears without makeup, and the only time she’ll wear worn-out clothes is when working on her droids. Her motions are elegant and seemingly obvious, as if to set others at ease and prove she is not, in fact, robbing anyone.

Carefully inspected by another Mirialan, or one very familiar with Mirialan customs, it would indicate her tattoos are marks describing advanced technical skill, surviving an invasion, and versatility. The less visible ones cover her personal, private successes.

Because her work typically does not involve violence, she only has one armored vest that she keeps around for special occasions. She does, however, keep a blaster handy, even if not readily apparent.


Daneb at work is friendly — genial, even. It’s easy to keep the attention on her while her droids do the work, whether it’s because of her looks, her savvy, or the vibe that assures her targets that she would be simply the best confidante. Up to date on the latest news, social and political, Daneb is a smooth conversationalist when she wants to be; it keeps people from guessing that their secrets are being downloaded that very moment.

To her employers and people she’s not wheedling, her humor becomes a little more wry, her attitude less endearing; there’s no point in wasting so much energy being too friendly with people who see you day and night. Alienating people is never a good idea, but it’s important to keep her stage personality out of the behind-the-scenes. The efforts are better spent on her technical work with her droids. The effect of a focused droid engineer is just as disarming as smiles, and infinitely more interesting. She never truly lets the professional veneer down, however; she’ll want to know everything about you but will rarely talk about herself in a meaningful way.

Daneb believes that the most important thing in the information business is knowing to quit while you’re ahead; lingering too long gets you caught. The second most important thing is that people are like droids; there’s always a way to get them to do what you want. If one thing isn’t working, rethink the approach.


The mining colony of Ibspa, home to numerous precious metals and a bustling industry, drew Czerka to the world when Daneb was in her teens. Their poor business practices inadvertently wound up drawing attention to the world during the False War, where it otherwise may have been ignored for being too far out of the intended path of destruction. It didn’t take much on the Mandalorians’ part to bring the planet down around their ears and wreck their space stations; the people left alive were chained to the refineries and mines. Czerka quickly washed their hands of the planet and stepped away, as if they’d never been there. Although young at the time, Irun was already working as a pilot, shipping raw and refined metals to distributors off-planet; it was the only thing that saved her from the invasion.

The Republic went to war not long after. Not militant, but interested in helping, Irun found work in a droid factory. Most of her work centered around assembling combat models, but it taught her the basics of droid functionality. In her spare time, she tinkered and built small, simple models, until eventually, they were running around the factory, recording conversations and swiping data to return to their maker. At the end of the War, when most companies were out of money and out of customers, Czerka bought the factory. Irun’s meddling droids did not go unnoticed this time, but rather than punishing her, they rewarded her ingenuity with a job. From scouting out potential deals to sniffing out missing cargo or thieves, Daneb was easy and low-risk to send in.

Phase One The Droid I’m Looking For

In being sent to spy on the Wist’lya family and the businesses on Bothuwai, Daneb stumbled onto data that directly linked Czerka with the Mandalorian invasion of Ibspa. Angry, Daneb made off with what information she could and with Czerka’s number one prototype utility droid — PT-42, whom she nicknames Petey. Intending to wreck as much of their work as she could before they caught wind of her theft, Daneb approached Ralk with information that Czerka was spying on his family. To her surprise, instead of ignoring her, he offered her a job.

Phase Two Consummate Professional

One of her final missions for Czerka involved tracking cargo that had been stolen. Suspecting Jor-Ost of the offense, she sends an anonymous tip to the authorities that gets him arrested while she continues to search for the cargo. Whether it was him or not remains unclear to her, but the cargo is most certainly gone.

Phase Three Loyal to Her Crew (For Now)

In helping Ralk come up with a crew, Daneb runs across Stragos’ name and looks carefully at his background; seeing he’s former aristocracy, and secretly harboring some sympathy for a fellow refugee, Daneb suggests him to Ralk for hiring. Plus, how amusing would a cat and a dog on the same ship be?

Picks the dirt from under her nails.
Listens to bad cantina band music.
Checks the local news for the last two weeks first thing on every planet.
Combs her hair with her fingers almost obsessively.
If near a terminal, always checking the holonet.
Meticulously checks on her droid tools.

Common Expressions

“Nothing personal.”

“— Or so I’ve heard.”

“Don’t give a flying womp rat’s tail.”

Kagame’s Manifesto

Preludes and Interludes

Irun Daneb

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