Tasha Zoe

Young and talented force sensitive thrust into a world of uncertainty.


High Concept: Wet-Behind-the-Ears Force Savant
Trouble: You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
Other Aspects: Jedi Mind-Trickery, What is Irun Daneb up to?, I’ve inherited Master Marrel’s prized saber-staff.

Forceful: +3
Quick: +2
Careful: +2
Sneaky +1
Clever: +1
Flashy: +0

Force Trickster: get a +2 when Sneakily trying to use the Force to mislead someone.
Lightsaber Lance Training: get a +2 when using a double bladed lightsaber to Quickly attack when in melee combat.
Good Cop, Bad Cop: get a +2 when assuming one side of the dual persona technique with Irun Daneb in a social situation.

1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ]

Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):



General Details
|Height: 5’ 4" | Weight: 98 lbs | Age: 17|
|Eyes: Blue | Hair: Red|

Tasha Zoe is young, a fresh faced force user of 17 galactic standard years. She stands just shorter than average and her build is slight and petite. Her pale blue eyes clash against her straight, well kept fiery-red hair. Freckles dot her pale skin across her nose and under her eyes. She carries herself with the semi-confidence of a young adult and the airy grace of a dancer.

She doesn’t go to extremes with her appearance, keeping her hair simple and unadorned. It is always well kept and clean but never fancy. Likewise any makeup is nearly unnoticeable and sparse, preferring to not pursue frivolous excess. She lacks any distinguishing piercings or tattoos, having no desire to permanently mark herself culturally or otherwise.

Her dress does not include flowing robes like those of the usual master jedi or sith, instead favoring fitted blouses of muted opaque colors and similar fitted pants to compliment her outfit, while allowing ease of motion. Her feet are comfortably slippered like a dancers to allow easy changes in weight distribution across her feet. A complimentary half-cloak wraps her shoulders for necessary warmth and concealment of her affects along with the dual-bladed lightsaber she keeps at hand.

The young force sensitive puts on a front for business, attempting (not always successfully) to appear aloof and on top of matters when on the clock. However those who spend more time with her notice that she is still an energetic child at heart, full of curiosity and joy. She is easy to excite and finds it overly difficult to hide this when it occurs. She is imbued with a “Never give up!” attitude when facing adversity that some find exhausting.

Despite her training and cheer, she has a hot streak and struggles to maintain her calm when confronted with outrages or affronts against her beliefs, her friends or her own wellbeing. Those pushing this boundary are met with her one true weakness: a pointed, barely controlled anger. She is usually able to reign in this anger before causing permanent damage, but the right push or too many small pushes, could lead to catastrophe. The aftermath of such a bout is usually draining and devastating to Tasha as she is embarrassed at her momentary lapse.


Tasha Zoe

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