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Fate Accelerated Edition: DownloadSRDFudge Dice Roller
House Rules
Character Creation
Chat-Based Gaming Conventions


Chapter 1: An Unfair Exchange

Ships & Vehicles

Azera’s Folly

The Galaxy

The Deep Core: Tython
The Core Worlds: Alderaan – Corellia – Coruscant – Duro
The Colonies: Balmorra
The Inner Rim: Manaan – Onderon
The Expansion Region: Cathar – Dorin
The Mid Rim: Bothawui – Cerea – Iridonia – Ithor – Kashyyyk – Naboo – Ord Mantell – Rodia – Trandosha
Hutt Space: Hutta – Makeb – Nar Shaddaa – Quesh – Sleheyron
The Outer Rim Territories: Belsavis – Bespin – Dantooine – Dromund Kaas – Endor – Gamorr – Hoth – Korriban – Malachor V – Mandalore – Mon Calamari – Oricon – Peragus II – Rattatak – Ryloth – Sullust – Taris – Tatooine – Telos IV – Voss
The Tingel Arm
Wild Space
The Unknown Regions – CZ-198 – Ilum – Lehon


The Bothan Council
Czerka Corporation
The Exchange
The GenoHaradan
The Hutts
The Jedi Enclave
The Mandalorians
The Republic
The Sith Empire



Knights of the Old Republic & strategy guide
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with Restored Content Mod & strategy guide
The Old Republic: Revan (sort of)
The Old Republic MMO (kind of)

Star Wars RPG: Saga Edition
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
The Unknown Regions

Main Page

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