Shady Cathar with his eyes on the prize(s).



High Concept: Force Sensitive Cathar Scoundrel
Trouble: Haunted By A Dark Spirit
Other Aspects:

  • What’s Yours Is Mine
  • Don’t Cross The Jedi
  • When In Doubt, Blow Something Up


Sneaky: +3
Careful: +2
Quick: +2
Clever: +1
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +0


Among Thieves: Stragos gains a +2 bonus when he tries to Carefully create an advantage in conversation with criminals.
Monkey the Wrench: Stragos gains a +2 bonus to Quickly overcome mechanical difficulties with vehicles.


1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [X]


Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Current Fate Points: 3


General Details

Height: 2 m Weight: 75 kg Age: 33
Eyes: Gold Mane Brown Fur: Red-Orange





Phase Trio

Your Adventure

In a between-war galaxy, opportunities are ample for travel and crime. On a heist, he encountered a treasure he wasn’t expecting – a holocron. It seemed to call to him, and without thinking twice, he pocketed it along with the rest of the take. When he didn’t divulge the extent of his plunder with the other thieves, they tipped off local law enforcement, and he was summarily thrown in a cell.

Phase One Aspect: What’s Yours Is Mine

Crossing Paths

Stragos sees Tasha get accosted, noting that she was pickpocketed by the unsavories. Bored, he gives himself the personal challenge of stealing from the thieves. Finding a lightsaber amongst what was taken, his eyes widen and he concocts an “Excuse me, miss. I think you dropped this,” encounter with the young lady.

Phase Two Aspect: Don’t Cross The Jedi

Crossing Paths Redux

Watching Exchange and Czerka agents eyeing Ralk and Tasha murderously after the former won an auction out from under the gangsters, he arranges a distraction that demands their immediate attention. He steals one of their vehicles and crashes it into the other, then escapes in the confusion, with security alerting the thugs about the incident.

Phase Three Aspect: When In Doubt, Blow Something Up


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